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Salon Karma

Los Angeles, CA

Salon Karma is a boutique salon destination that is located in the heart of West Hollywood. We believe in delivering an unpretentious customer experience where the focus is you. We believe that your hair is the one accessory that you wear everyday and that it can define your style. In the bustle of an ever-changing world, we believe in creating a culture that is both a rejuvenating and spiritual experience for your hair. Allow us to offer you a truly unparalleled salon experience in which our talented stylists deliver cutting edge haircuts and ravishing colors that reflect your lifestyle.

Our stylists at Salon Karma have been recognized on a national level for their creative work on numerous film sets and editorial shoots. In pursuit of perfecting our craft, stylists at Salon Karma are continually honing our skills with education and staying at the forefront of fashion so that you consistently look and feel your best!

Carmen Butts – Owner/Stylist

Carmen specializes in Color, Haircutting, Extensions, and Straighteners.

I am an artist in the truest sense of the word. I have been creating on this craft since I was 5 years old. I just love making people look their best. I enjoyed the creative journey to find the style and look that works best for the individual – from fun and funky, to super sexy and elegant and then to the wash and go every day life. It is always a revolving door of fashion and hair art. A canvas of many colors to choose from to make new art for the individual in front of me. I have been doing this art since the time I started as a child, with 23 years in the business I am now again venturing out on a new journey and look forward to seeing where Salon Karma take me and the other artist that I will be creating with.

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8000 Sunset Blvd Suite 21 Los Angeles, CA 90046 Phone: (323) 246-7477

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